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"I have been reading your awesome books, and am SO impressed. Everyone's life would be improved by reading and working with your system."

Tara Meyer-Robson
Author of, The Flow: 40 Days to Total Transformation


"Your determination to enable people to grow and develop themselves is commendable. Just observing how you brought people in touch with their inner feelings was exciting. I can still hear you saying in my ear 'what broke your joy?' It's amazing when we start to look deep within ourselves and realize just how circumstances are connected."

"Dr. Williams, it is always a pleasure having you in our midst. We appreciate and value your friendship and look forward to more effective trainings in the future."

Rosette Proodian
Vision for Equality
, Inc.



"The format was well-paced, Dr. Williams was very well prepared, and he showed a genuine interest in the diversity growth of the participants. His is not an ordinary cultural presentation – it is a cultural experience!"

Karen Jorgenson, Executive Director
National Foster Parent Association


"In my thirty-three years in education this experience ranks as one of the best professional development opportunities I have had the pleasure of participating in."

"I would recommend Dr. Williams and his company for professional development without reservation. His level of professionalism, thoroughness, and attention to detail will allow your staff to grow and develop both as a group and on an individual basis. He is truly one of the best!"

E. J. Wasilewski, Ed.D., Superintendent of Schools
West Deptford Township Schools



"The workshop was very informative and I look forward to being involved with many more to come."




"The workshop was effective and useful"




"The oppurtunity to learn and be challenged is a great experience"


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