Customized Programs


Helping Individuals and Organizations Reach Their Greatest Potential

As a professional speaker and trainer, Dr. Williams has been an authority on many business topics, but he always embraces the opportunity to help people reach their personal goals as well.  Dr. Williams has been a mentor to many individuals, helping them to overcome past challenges and remove barriers to their success.  His new Absolutes of Success Series Empowerment Seminar was created so that he could reach people on a broader scale to impart his valuable insights and transform lives.



Dr. Williams Provides Customized Workshops Tailored to Your Group/Organization.

Dr. Williams will customize a training program to meet the needs of your group. He will address groups both large and small on the topic(s) of your choice. Bring the Absolutes of Success Series Empowerment Seminar program to your location or choose a more specific topic for an on-site training program. Dr. Williams can cover topics including: Management for Maximizing Results, Time and Stress Management, Diversity Training, Effective Communication and Team Building, and of course, Strategies for Success. Contact us to inquire about pricing and scheduling a customized program. See full list of training topics



Executive Coaching

Dr. Williams provides executive coaching that is a one-to-one relationship between himself and a person in a leadership position in an organization or desiring of such a position. The focus of the executive coaching is on leadership skills, organizational performance, organizational development, and personal development.  The frequency and scope is tailored to the individuals needs and desires.  Dr. Williams has worked with individuals from conception of goals through fruition and operational deployment.  Dr. Williams’ commitment is to be available for as long, or short, of a period of time the individual needs.

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